PDA Startup Workshop Event #4 Community Consensus Study

PDA Startup Workshop Event #4: Community Consensus Study

Specific Analysis Lecture
—Construction of Value Consensus System
by Enfavr Inc.


PDA Abstract

Silicon valley’s Professional Development Accelerator(PDA) focuses on creative talent technology acceleration service, adopts PDCA business model to provide trainees with technical diagnosis services and skills based on actual projects, technical enhancement services, and project incubation services. PDA is located in the core area of Silicon Valley, USJ, which brings together Silicon Valley FLAG scientists, 65 technical experts, 7 laboratories of various kinds, 45 of whom have doctor’s degree, and they try their best to help the newly graduated college students to develop innovation and entrepreneurship activities.

PDA’s main business:

  1. project technical diagnosis and analysis
  2. practical project technical service
  3. special technical training services
  4. project incubation
  5. talent derivative services

PDA will make full use of the technology and talent advantages of Silicon Valley to provide high quality talent acceleration service for the majority of students.

PDA Business Workshop Schedule

  • Company introduction
  • Entrepreneurial lecture
  • Introduction of entrepreneurial experience
  • Q&A

University of San Jose, PDA program

Event Host
Joseph Xiong USJ TA

Guest Speaker
This week, the PDA entrepreneurial salon guest is Ms. Aparna Pujar, the founder and CEO of Enfavr Inc. Their website is:

At the salon, Ms. Pujar will share her entrepreneurial experiences and stories. At the same time, Ms. Pujar will share with us the problems and treatments during the entrepreneurial process.

Self-media key points
The specific analysis of specific problems is the “alcheming stone” of the media operation!
In order to achieve a good promotion effect, the main contradiction lies in mastering the core needs of users. In other words, they want users to think, talk about what users want, classify them, and target them. User thinking is the most important operational thinking in the Internet era. Its basic components include: user survey, content production, channel delivery, adjustment and optimization.

The user image refining application is a “knocking door” of the media operation!
User images are divided into two categories: user roles and data mining. A user role is a depiction of a natural person’s attributes, in short, directly using existing tags to locate user attributes. Data mining, on the other hand, extracts user attributes from behavioral patterns without any prior results. Take the classic supermarket flow list analysis as an example. If there is a purchase combination like “diaper plus beer” and “milk powder plus beer”, then the consumer is probably a married middle-aged man.
In this data table below, we can see such logic

  1. A beer-like men’s recreational product, the wife rarely takes the initiative to buy it for her husband.
  2. Infant and child consumables such as diapers and milk powder, the probability of being bought is a high probability for their children to use.

Deeply explore the logic between behavioral patterns and see the “new clothes of the emperor”!
The so-called AI, machine learning, is essentially an automated application of mathematical statistics in the computer field. AI basic technology: linear regression, classification model, neural network, data visualization, unsupervised learning and supervised learning. Its mathematics is essentially the practical application of Chebyshev’s law of large numbers in statistics. Chebyshev’s law of large numbers follows the conclusions of the Bernoulli experiment, but gives a more accurate and standardized proof of universality and mathematical convergence. In general, it is the mathematics and computer expressions of the ‘minority obeys the majority’.

Event Time and Location
Time: Saturday, 2019/10/05, 14:00 – 15:30
Address: University of San Jose, 1631 N First Street, Suite #200, San Jose, CA, 95112

408-571-6516 (landline)
585-287-3350 (Cell)
415-510-1570 (Cell)

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