Claudedu Enterprise Cluster is the core of Claudedu Educational Investment Company ( It is headquartered in the Silicon Valley, USA, and has international incubators across China, USA, India, and Israel. It aims to establish an "Academy-Career-Entrepreneurship" enterprise environment, and creatively deploys education financial services, to build prototypes for future academic enterprise cluster.

Company's business orientation: 1) Higher educational investment and incubation; 2) International education service chain; 3) Education financial service; 4) International human resource service.

Company's philosophy: creativity is life.

Company's outlook: Through educational service, build up technologies and talents, give back to the society.



Claudedu Mutual Promotion is the core culture of Claudedu. To help students' development, prepay individual's educational service cost by using student's future self-appreciation.

Claudedu Mutual Promotion service is based on: 1) Claudedu is confident to present the quality of educational service; 2) Advanced international education promotes student's self-value; 3) Students from Claudedu will be the elites to the society.



Through modern financial services, creative international educational financial service, establish a new venture investment based on individual's self-appreciation.