[Lecture] History and Strategy of High-speed Rail Development

History and Strategy of High-speed Rail Development
Comparison and Thinking of Sino-US High-speed Rail Industry



  1. “Promoting the sound development of Sino-US relations” is the common aspiration of all Chinese and Americans. No matter how the world is changing, we will do our utmost to promote scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation between China and the United States.
  2. From the subway to the high-speed rail, the development history of the global high-speed rail is a fantastic story of “scientific and technological innovation serving humanity”. For example, in the past two decades, China has established a 20,000-mile railway network. The total length of China’s high-speed rail network is greater than the total length of railways in other parts of the world. The United States has a global leading position in science and technology. Why the development of high-speed rail in the United States is in stark contrast to China?
  3. Our lecturer Mr. Lee has worked in China for 12 years and worked in the United States for nearly 20 years. He served as the head of the railway business of GE, Siemens and Thales. Mr. Lee will share the history, strategy and technology of high-speed railway development. As well as Policies and impact on global markets.


Lecture Content

  1. Development history of high-speed rail technology
  2. High-speed rail engineering technology policy
  3. Government policy orientation
  4. Incentives for industrial organization and enterprise innovation
  5. Improvement of governance mechanism
  6. Future development of high-speed rail


Lecturer: Michael Lee

Michael Lee is an experienced global business leader and an expert in the rail industry. He is currently a senior consultant at HNTB Corporation. Prior to HNTB, Mr. Lee served as North America President of China Railway Signal and Communication (CRSC). Further prior, Mr. Lee served as China Director of Business Development of GE Transportation, China General Manager of Siemens Rail Automation, Greater China Country Director of Thales Transportation. Before going to China, Mr. Lee worked 10 years in the U.S. transportation authorities, including the USDOT, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, and Honolulu Public Transit Authority. Mr. Lee holds a bachelor’s degree from the Tsinghua University, a master’s degree from the University of Hawaii, and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Dr. Li Vice, president of University of San Jose
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