University of San Jose (USJ): first campus is launched!

On 10/29/2015(PT), Gocean wholly-owned University of San Jose (USJ) is launched! The first campus is located on North First Street in San Jose — the capital city of Silicon Valley. President Yun Wang leads employees settling into the campus. For over a year’s campus selection has come to a successful conclusion. President/USJ founder: Dr. Wang points out:”The launch of the campus is just our first step. To establish schools, complete certification will be our key responsibilities! Gosvea will strive to complete the US high school certification, obtain the qualitifications for undergraduate and graduate educations, establish an international university with excelsior quality! This will be our duty.” As a wholey-owned subsidiary of Gocean, Gosvea will take advantage of modern capital market’s financial tool, use resources from the world wide to establish USJ, to promote USJ’s business(HRO, ITO, Edu Fas), to thrive the economy and society!

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