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Claudedu Havruta Teaching Theory and Its Practice



In 2013, Claudedu Group and University of San Jose began the research and practice of “Claudedu Havruta Teaching Theory” in Silicon Valley. Havruta originated in Israel and has a history of 2,000 years. In the era of learning community, Havruta learning method has achieved new development. Based on the traditional Havruta learning method, Claudedu has gathered the partner learning theory, community learning theory, problem-oriented theory etc., and developed a systematic learning method based on problem construction— “Claudedu Havruta teaching method”. The Claudedu Havruta theory and STEM teaching are integrated with each other, and developed a series of teaching methods, case tutorials, teacher certification training courses, STEM teaching course series etc.


Claudedu Havruta Teaching Theory Lectures

“Claudedu Havruta Learning Theory” truly integrates innovative education into concrete teaching practice and turns the abstract teaching ideas into the practical teaching behaviors. The lecture was jointly presented by Dr. Claude Wang and Dr. Bin Li, the founders of Claudedu Group. The lectures are divided into four parts: 1) Introduction of the Claudedu Havruta Teaching Theory; 2) Claudedu Havruta teaching method; 3) Claudedu Havruta Case Study; 4) Claudedu Global Golden Pairs Management Platform.
The main audiences s of this series of lectures are K12 teachers and students. For the part of the teacher, the lecture focuses on the training teacher to practice the Claudedu Havruta teaching method, completes the teaching process through problem construction, and achieves the convertible classroom. For the part of students, the lecture will provide a platform for students to complete the learning process through ‘Golden Pairs’ learning methods, improve their ability to express, observe, communicate, and speak, and cultivate students’ awareness of questions.
After the lecture, the promotion activities of the “Claudedu Global Golden Pairs Management Platform” will be held, as well as the “Golden Pairs” cultural exchange learning activities based on “International Tianfu Cultural Tour”. Anyone who has participated in the “Tianfu Culture Golden Pairs” will become the first audiences of the ‘Claudedu Golden Pairs’ platforms.


Recruiting Partners in North America

Claudedu Group recruits co-organizers from all regions in North America to provide the places for the event and recruitment of audiences. Claudedu Group will train teachers for partners free of charge and hold a series of open lectures in the pilot schools.

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