2019 International (Youth) Tianfu Culture Tour (2019 ITCT)

Organized by 2019 ITCT Committee

Hold by Claudedu Group Inc.


Application requirements:

1) Candidates between the ages of 12 and 17 in North America.

2) Candidates between the ages of 7 and 12 accompanied by a lawful guardian.


2019 ITCT introduction:

The “2019 International (Youth) Tianfu Cultural Tour” project is initiated by the Sichuan Overseas Chinese, supported by Sichuan Tsinghua Alumni Association, Chengdu Overseas Chinese Federation, California Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, University of San Jose, Chengdu Gocean Education (Group) and other related units, organized by Claudedu Group and Training Center of Chengdu Neusoft University. ITCT mainly contains “Tianfu Culture Studying”, “Tianfu History Visiting”, “Tianfu Family Twin Pair”, and “2019 International Tianfu Culture Goodwill Ambassador”. ITCT aims to spread Tianfu culture globally, promotes Sichuan Chengdu in the international arena, helps the Chinese second generation to understand Chinese culture, promotes Sino-US and Sino-European cultural exchanges, as well as brings people’s insight together from home to abroad for actively participating in the economic and social reform in Chengdu, Sichuan!


Special discount

1) “Early Birds” discount plan: First 25 registered members will receive $280 per person.

2) “Golden Twin “Awards: Families and organizations who are willing to participate in Sino-US Central European “Twin Pair” projects learning, sports, storytelling, language education and other activities will receive a sponsorship fee of $480, which will cover the 2019 ITCT group fare.

3) “Global ITCI Goodwill Ambassador” plan: After submits the pairing proposals and the establishes “Twin Pairs”, the winners will be selected by the ITCT advisor  group and receive the honorary certificate and bonus of 680 US dollars for the International Tianfu Cultural Goodwill Ambassador.

4) Group discount: For group registration, every 15 people will receive a free quota. Every 25 people will receive 2 free places.



1) Unique Tianfu Culture Studying: Invite famous experts to hold a series of lectures, reports, seminars and exchanges on “Dao Culture, Poetry Culture, Sichuan Salt Culture, Chengdu Water Culture, Tianfu Suddenly Turning Hostile Culture”.

2) Mysterious Tianfu History Visiting:  Historical Tianfu culture tourism activities includes to experience the “Three Kingdoms Culture”, explore the millennium ancient scorpion, taste Sichuan cuisine, visit the “Bronze Culture” Jinsha site, and witness the beauty of the panda story.

3) Glorious Tianfu Goodwill Ambassador: People who join in the “Twin Pair” activities of Tianfu Family will receive the honor and bonus of “2019 International (Youth) Tianfu ‘Twin Pair’ Goodwill Ambassador”. Bringing together outstanding teenagers abroad, providing an open communication platform to promote cultural exchanges and interactions between Chinese, European, and American families. The students with excellent performance have the opportunity to become ITCT “goodwill ambassadors” and receive prizes and honors.


Registration and payment:

1) Charge: $3,380/ person (Including accommodation, training, transportation, food, insurance. Excluding visa fees, airfare, etc.). If the visa is not passed, the fee will be refunded. The earlier participation will be charged about $1,850 only.

2) Registration fee: $100/ person (issue invitation, assistance visa, etc.) If the visa is not passed, the fee is not refundable.

3) Payment method: check, wire transfer, credit card

4) PayPal: payment@usjus.org

5) US charges (check payable): Claudedu Group Inc. Checking address: 1631 North First Street, Suite 200, San Jose, CA95112, USA


Registration deadline:

1) The entire event registration deadline is June 30, 2019.

2) The registration deadline for each group is 30 days in advance.


Contact information:

  • China Contact:

Chengdu Neusoft University

Address: Chengdu Neusoft Institute (Mount Qingcheng, Dujiangyan, Chengdu, China)

Chengdu Claudedu  Inc.

Address: 3rd Floor, Block D, Gocean Education Campus, No. 801, West Section of Chengguan Road, High-tech Zone, Chengdu

Tel: (+86)13541413490

Contact: Liren Zhou

Email: LRzhou@gocean.com.cn

2) US Contact: Claudedu Group Inc.

Address: 1631 North First Street, Suite 200, San Jose, CA95112, USA

Phone: (+1)408-571-6516 (+1)650-475-653

Email: jimchen@usjus.org  lynnwang@usjus.org  Josephxiong@usjus.org

Website: www.claudedu.com

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