2019 Tianfu ‘Golden Pair’ Conference

2019 Tianfu ‘Golden Pair’ Conference


The 2019 International Tianfu Culture Pairs Development Conference is a global conference organized by the 2019 International (Youth) Tianfu Cultural Tour (ITCT) Committee. It is aimed at students all over the world at primary and secondary schools (K12). In the form of a cultural exchange conference featuring a combination of international cultural exchanges and new economic development models, this conference aims to promote the “Golden Pair” culture globally, help the America-born-Chinese second generation to understand Chinese culture, and Tianfu culture, build a unique P2P learning community, conduct cross-cultural exchange learning, and give rise to the common development of human integration.


  • Multi-cultural learning: Students from different backgrounds gather in Sichuan, share learning experiences and get precious learning partners.
  • Best pair won biggest prize: The students participating in the conference voluntarily carried out the ‘Golden Pair’ Goodwill Ambassadors selection campaign. After reviewed by the expert jury, brilliant candidate would be selected as 2019 ‘Chinese and American goodwill ambassadors’ and obtained certificates and rewards from the Overseas Chinese Federation.
  • Traditional Chinese culture feast: Deep experience of salt culture, sudden turn hostile, Hydraulic culture.
  • Fabulous scenery: Pure and pristine natural scenery, cold smoke and condensate mountain lakes, brilliant youngster will enjoy the wonders together.


The 2019 Tianfu ‘Golden Pair’ conference is initiated by the Sichuan Overseas Chinese, supported by Sichuan Tsinghua Alumni Association, Chengdu Overseas Chinese Federation, California Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, University of San Jose, Chengdu Gocean Education (Group) and other related units, organized by Claudedu International (Group) and Chengdu Neusoft Institute Training Center. ITCT mainly contains “Tianfu Culture Study”, “Tianfu History Visit”, “Tianfu Family Twin Pair”, and “2019 International Tianfu Culture Goodwill Ambassador”. ITCT aims to spread Tianfu culture globally, helps the Chinese second generation in US to understand Chinese culture, promotes Sino-US and Sino-European cultural interaction. Besides, this conference would apply ‘Claude-Havruta’ teaching theory into daily lectures, establish unique P2P platform, construct new-era multi person learning community.


Organizer: 2019 ITCT committee
Co- organizer: Chengdu Overseas Chinese Federation, University of San Jose, California Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, Chengdu Gocean Education Group
Executive organization: 2019 ITCT Committee, Claudedu Inc., Chengdu Neusoft University.


Morning Afternoon Evening
7/15 Check-in Conference Opening Evening Party
7/16 Hydraulic Culture Lecture Jinsha Ruins Lecture Golden Pair
7/17 Sanxing Heap Lecture Poem Culture Closing ceremony
7/18 2019 ITCT activities(optional)

[Price and discount]

  • Price: Registration fee $200, membership fee $480, excluding airfare.
  • “Early Birds” offer: The first 30 students are exempt from membership dues, second 30 students’ membership fee is reduced by 50%, and third 30 students’ membership fee is reduced by 25%.
  • Cooperative offers: Co-organizers receive free spot, first come first serve.
  • America Registration Deadline: June 30 2019.


• China:
Chengdu Neusoft University
Address: Qingcheng Mountain, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.
Chengdu Claudedu Inc.
Address: No.801 Chengguan St. Gaoxin District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.
Phone: +86 13541313490(Mr. Zhou.)
Email: LRzhou@gocean.com.cn

• US:
Claudedu Group Inc.
Address: 1631 North First Street, Suite 200, San Jose, CA, 95112, USA
Tel: +1-408-571-6516 +1-650-475-653
Email: jimchen@usjus.org lynnwang@usjus.org JosephXiong@usjus.org
Website: www.claudedu.com

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